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The Thunderstone Base Game includes the base game components and 2 Quests. (Q1: A Mirror in the Dark and Q3: Risen from the Mire).

Quest 4 & 5 will be released in 2019.

Each Quest consists of approximately 245 cards and 6 Dungeon Tiles.

This is not the Champion Reward from the Kickstarters. This is a new retail-only package with fewer Quests.

Base Game Contents (Excludes Quests)

Wilderness Tile
Village Game Board
4 Player Boards
6 Plastic Figures
141 Wood Tokens
45 Thunderstone Grey
15 Thunderstone Black
32 Blood Tokens
16 Bread Tokens
16 Lantern Tokens
16 Potion Tokens
5 6-Sided Dice
Quest Book

Quest Contents (Each Quest)

Approximately 245 cards
6 Dungeon Tiles
Quest Book